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First Meeting
Assembly Line Winter Guard
Sunday, 11 January 2004
ALWG website has been updated 11-Jan-2003
The webmistress has finally activated the new main webpage. However, More changes are on the way!

The webmistress would like to announce that an assistant webmaster has been recruited! Hopefully this means faster page updates and cool special effects!! Stay tuned! :)

Posted by assemblylinewg at 10:51 PM EST

Sunday, 21 March 2004 - 10:24 PM EST

Name: Ahsia Spencer

Hey, i'm a member of the Fieldale-Collinsville High School Winterguard, i've seen yall show at least twice. But umm...the black lady(i don't know her name) i see her all the time and i want to speak to her but i'm afraid to cuz i don't know her name. i remember week before last in Reiligh(sp)or Cary NC somthing like that, when i was performing, she was lookin at she was shakin her head in satisfaction and that made me feel really good. but i guess da judges didn't think so cuz we got 9th outta 10th place, but thats all good, we goin to AIA finals and we gonna kick some BOOTAY!! well, if yall ever see us, I'm the only black person on the line. OH and i have a question, why is it called a Senior guard. yall don't look old to me and to be perfectly honest, most of the technique is better than the "YOUNG" guards are. well, i done ran my mouth anuff. hope to see yall at AIA finals. PEACE!!

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