Hey Assembly Line!!!

I've created this page for use as a test page for us. When I have something new that I want input on before posting to the "real world," I'll place it here and then sent out a note to the group.

To begin with, I've created a composite group photo. I've included Jody, as well, because he will probably be marching at least one show. (Also, It was easier to create the composite with an even number of folks.)

I've "cheated" with a 4 of the photos (Paul's, Jody's, Devin's, and mine) because for whatever reason, I wasn't able to take a picture of these folks (including myself*) at practice.

*I forgot about taking one of myself at the time, and I couldn't aim the camera correctly at myself the other day, so as a trade-off, I picked one of the goofy ones of myself from Ashley's stash of bus pictures. Jody's is also from that bus trip. Paul's is his school picture... And Devin sent me one where she was just "plain workin' it!"

I'd like for everyone to take a look at the composite and tell me what they think. If they REALLY don't like their own picture, they're welcome to send me one. To make things easy for you and me, I've stolen my own code from the main page, so just to send me a note, just click my "Doors" year picture and you'll be set.

Personally, I'm pleased with the outcome. To use some relevant "guard terminology" ... there's a lot of "texture" in the composite picture. I like it so much that I've even shrunk it to business card size! :) See below!

I like Jon's idea about sending pictures of pets! They'd be great to have on the page with your "blurb."

Nobody is required to do any of this stuff, but if you want to send me extra pictures (preferrably .jpg or .gif format) of yourself, your pets or kids or sweeties, etc, you may use the link below to save space on the yahoo site.

MAKE SURE that anything you send directly to me is something you don't mind having made public. (Otherwise, the Yahoo site is a better place).

Of course, I will be using my own personal judgement before posting, since we are trying to make a good impression on the "outside world."

Also, I need a photo from "Kelly-with-a-'Y'" Hall (I think she's on the list now).

For comments and/or suggestions about THIS STUFF, send a note to GRETA:

To e-mail Greta, click here!

Oh, Ignore the crap that's jumping around below this line. That crap is why this page is currently free. (yeehaaaa!)

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