Why do we have a page for other Senior Guards?

This is easy. Ever since I've activated the ALWG page (especially after announcing it over various Color Guard News Groups), I've had several folks ask me if I knew anything about senior guards in their areas (or how far a drive was it to Raleigh, NC from their hometown).

We also support all other guards and encourage other folks to form senior guards

If you have any info regarding senior guards in your area, feel free to write us!

Senior Guards with Home Pages!

Attitude "SR" Indoor Guard, Pittsburgh, PA
(Jim Keener - Director/Performer)

Senior Guard info for Senior Guards who don't currently have web pages

As of 22.Nov.97, I don't have any info from any senior guards without web pages.

If you have any information (w/ or w/o a web page), I'd be happy to post it here on the page!

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Write us!

Gee... I would have never guessed that people would be interested in Senior Guards!
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