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Assembly Line Winter Guard

You're Never Too Old to Spin!

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2002 was Assembly Line's 16th season!!!

Assembly Line is North Carolina's (and maybe even the world's) most continual Winter Guard!
Created November 1986, we have performed in various competitions and circuits throughout North and South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida.

ALWG 2002
"Tribute to The Doors"


Assembly Line 2002, show description, members, and Pictures can be found on the 2002 link!


AssemblyLine will attend 5 AIA circuit shows (including championships), 0 (this year) CIPA circuit shows, and 1 WGI regional in 2003.

Check out our 2003 Show Schedule !

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Assembly Line has been around since the fall of 1986.
Learn more about our LONG history (and check out the pictures)!

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