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Have you aged out of Winter Guard... and miss it?

Do you like to have fun?

Do you live in (or near) North Carolina?

WELL... do we have a Winter Guard for you!!!

Assembly Line Winter Guard is a Senior Guard which likes to have fun!

The Guard was established in the Fall of 1986 and we're still going strong.

We even have 3 charter members who still march!

If you are interested in becoming the newest member of our family, please read on...

(there's a list of links at the bottom of this page!)


Age requirements:

Any (although, if you are under the age of 22, we recommend that you march in an independent "younger" guard while you still have the chance). If you don't have THAT kind of time and money, we will still welcome you to our group.

This year, our ages range from 18 to 40+.


For the 2009 season, dues are $_____To Be Determined Soon!____.
(Definitely "much" cheaper than other guards!)


You must have the ability to:

--follow directions--

--have a good attitude--

--have fun!--

You must also be able to have your weekends free from January until April.

If you aren't a Star Athlete, don't panic. THAT isn't a requirement. If you can deal with the previous requirements, then you should have no problem learning the rest. We don't do anything that you can't learn with practice. (That is not to say that our work is easy... just not "impossible!")

Been "a few years" since you last spun a flag or a weapon?

NOT a problem! It's just like riding a bicycle. Once you get reacquainted with those forgotten muscles and equipment, with a little practice, you'll be right back in the "swing" of things!

Several of us have survived these rules for since 1986...

Sure, we're a little older BUT,

we STILL LOVE marching Assembly Line!


About the members of ALWG (past and present)

We are a very busy bunch.

Most of us are now in the "real world" ... holding down "real jobs"

We have a wide variety of folks in the group.

Past and present: A few chemists, a physicist, a civil engineer, a librarian, musicians, an interior designer, teachers, computer folks, many artists (in various fields!)... etc etc etc...

and as always... the rest of the folks are/were working on getting degrees from various schools.

We've have husband/wife teams march and some guard members ARE parents!

We are located "around" Raleigh NC... with folks coming from as far away as Greensboro and Wilmington... even Virginia Beach to march with ALWG.

Practice locations may vary, usually at high schools in Raleigh.

Our practices are normally held on Sundays (times are voted on during our first meeting. We try to accomodate "church-goin' folks" as much as possible, although if possible, we recommend you try to attend the earliest service available).

Links! (several are not yet activated)

AssemblyLine's History!
Pictures and info regarding the past 20+ years!
ALWG's practice and tentative competition schedule
Please keep these dates open on your calendar!
Info regarding other Senior Guards
I've just started this list... please send me your guard's info!
Other guards ...
As their URLs get sent to us!
Other guard related Links
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To contact Assembly Line via e-mail:

Our Director
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Our Web Mistress
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