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The second year of AssemblyLine... This year was pretty much a blur! The "official" nickname is the "Boing year" because we had several sets of "Boings" in the last part of the show. A few folks have re-nicknamed it the "boring year" because we can't find any pictures or video of our ONE performance of the year. If anyone has any, we would LOVE to have copies...

Music: Age of Steam by Phil Glass (I've been searching for a copy of this music... and can't find it. Anyone have a copy hidden away somewhere?)

Theme: Well... none... again... gee... I can't remember... just "Boing"

Members: Paul, Jody, Trisha, Torrence, Greta, Lynn, April, Mark (SLASH '88), Trish, Scott(?), d'Andrea, etc... Anybody remember exactly WHO was a member that year???


Our uniforms looked sort of like last years... just "cooler" colors...

This memory really applies to the following year... but... A guard friend of ours came up to us and said "We've got this GREAT music this year... you've got to hear it..." So... they set up for their first run... the music started... and suddenly... we all said (almost in unison...) "oh! We did that LAST year!"

It was hysterical!!

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