This was the first year that Assembly Line Winter Guard existed. Assembly Line was created by our fearless leader, Paul, and possibly others. (Jody, help me out here!) :)

(Guess where we got our name... Read on...)

Music: Assembly Line (by the Dixie Dreggs)

Theme: Well... none... just cool work to the above music.

Members: Paul, Jody, Trisha, Thom, Tim, Torrence, Jackie, Teresa, Debbie, Greta, Lynn, April, Katrina, Mark, Trish, Scott(?), Tracy, ______


The year of too many names beginning in "T" ... Trish, Trisha, Tim, Thom, Torrence, Teresa, and Tracy.

The night before our first competition, the entire guard went to the home of our fearless leader and created a REAL Assembly Line... sewing our costumes. (1 person traced the pattern, another cut, another ironed, another sewed, etc etc etc) What was on TV? "The Wizard of Oz"

Our uniforms looked like we should be performing "The Jetsons"

The first competition: The judges weren't ready... so our leader said in a very commanding voice... "Y'ALL RELAX!" ... and we did...

Most out-dated memory... streamers on the rifles. (They were cool, alright?)

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