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A Tribute to The Doors!


All Songs by The Doors:
(In alphabetical order)
Break on through to the other side
Hello, I love you
Light my fire
People are strange
Riders on the storm
The End
Touch Me

Theme: A tribute to The Doors!
or was it "Opening Doors"
or was it "Going in through the Out Door?"

In our 16th consecutive year,
Assembly Line Winter Guard embarked
on yet
another interesting journey...
To where people ARE strange...
Where fires beg to be lit...
Can't you see that we are not afraid...
(And seriously, what WAS that promise that you made?)
We have umbrellas...
and we know how to use them.
We attempted to break on through to the other side...
with the ultimate goal of actually finding
where they'd hidden THE END.

Jim Morrison, Eat your heart out! ;)


Returning Charter Members
Paul, Jody, and Greta

Other Returning Members
Melinda, Shirley, Brandon, Lou, Terri, Kristina, Devin, and Jon

New Members!
Jill, Meggan, Gina, Ashley, Tabby, Holly, Andrea, Amy, and Jessi (1st show only).

Doug Kasales
David Duffy
Sabrina (Bina) Arnesen



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